Reality Hurts... But it’s Time to Act

Boyfie keeps picking on me on how I look now. He said I gained too much weight and my hair is getting longer which makes me look old. I am used to him because we usually tease each other on our looks. But that morning when he said those nasty words... I almost cried... reality hurts.

I don’t know why my face gets chubbier. I’ve never been conscious with my weight till he said that I gained. Now I try to control my rice intake as per his advice. Coz I ate rice more than as he does.

I also do face yoga massage, to help tone down and reshape my face to a younger me. Because boyfie said I look so stress because of my puffy eyebag. With the nature of my work, you’d really get eyebag. Hopefully this face yoga massage will help me.

As for my messy hair, I tried to keep it long because I want to style it differently. But boyfie said I don’t look good with it especially that I don’t know how to fix my hair. Oh! That hurts me much if he only knew. But I accept it as constructive criticism, albeit I didn’t talk to him for one day. Haha... I got my hair done, though I hate to spend $50, for boyfie’s sake. And after more than 2 decades of having a one length hair I finally tried side bangs. Which is not pretty bad, actually my co-workers said I look good at it. But the most satisfied is my boyfriend.


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