Stop Distracted Driving

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Distracted Driving is one of the causes of accidents in the road. In fact according to survey 8 out of 10 accidents are caused by distracted driving; a very significant number that everybody should be aware of and do something to Stop Distracted Drivers.

Below is an info-graphics from Insurance Hunter blog about distracted driving. It concisely shows the types of distraction and some statistics.


Stop Distracted Driving - An infographic by the team at Stop Distracted Driving

As mentioned in Insurance Hunter blog post about distracted Driving, “Don`t become a distracted driving statistic”. Here are some tips on how we can prevent it:

  • Driver should stay focus on the road at all times because accidents can happen in a split of second. It is discouraged the use of gadgets such as mobile phone and GPS. There are hands-free gadgets but then it can also cause distraction.
  • I know there are instances that you need to operate gadgets. It happens to us many times when GPS was not working and it had to be refreshed. In cases like that other person (passenger) will operate the gadget. Or we come into full stop in a safe zone if the driver wants to operate it.
  • Other things that should not be done while driving other than using of gadgets are: eating, drinking, reading, to name a few. It is clear that multitasking is not allowed when driving. I believe when you drive you should focus 100% using your sense of sight and hearing.
  • If you are driving with your kids, see to it that you have all their needs and they are in condition to travel. Kids are said to be one of the causes of distractions. So to stop them from distracting you occupy them with something that they`d love to do while on travel such as movies, games, music, etc.
  • When you drive see to it that you are in condition; not sleepy, not over thinking of anything, not in angst, or any emotion that could distract you. Presence of mind is very important in driving.  

Those are easy tips but are often overlooked by drivers. However there is a law in some provinces in Canada that was implemented for distracted driving. This somehow disciplened drivers to focus on the road and on the wheel.

 For more information about Distracted Driving visit Insurance Hunter blog. Help spread the awareness about it... because we value lives!


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