Blog Goal for Month of October

Hello October!

I had a great start of this month in terms of financial matter. I had three blog opps from LinkVehicle totalled to $50 and one from Payu2blog which is $5 only, not bad at all. Another thing is that I deposited money for my stocks account. I am honestly enjoying how this stock market works for my money.

Speaking of blogging, I know I have neglected my blogs for more than 8 months because my laptop crashed and the technician wasn’t able to fix it. It took me that long to buy a new one because I was battling to purchase Apple Mac Pro or low end laptop… I know it took me 8 months to decide…But I ended up buying low end laptop. So far I am satisfied with the performance of my Acer laptop.

So with my come back in the online world, my goal is to lower the Alexa Rank of my blogs to 100,000. And hopefully I will be able to update my three blogs regularly. 


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