Spooky Picture of My Niece

Boo!!! It’s spooky time of the year. Although people across the globe celebrated Halloween in different ways but there is one thing in common – something scary. Back home I remember watching petrifying shows on TV during this time. I easily get scared but ironically I love horror movies even though it disturbs me for several nights. If you want to get scared even the movie is not scary watch with me and you will be daunted with my screams.

Speaking of scary things, my sister-in-law posted her daughter’s picture in Facebook. I had goose bumps as soon as I saw it and  jumped out of from my seat and ran towards my sister. My Hannah Bear’s picture has a creepy white lady in it. I kept on messaging my sister-in-law about what I saw. I was terrified because my Hannah Bear used to be afraid with black dress and moon. I was thinking a “not-like-ours” is following her.

Can you see the ghost in this picture?

I waited for hours for their reply and I wasn’t able to get enough sleep because of it. Only to find out it was an app from their phone and it was the kid who put that creepy white lady on it. Crazy kiddo but good thing it wasn’t a real one.

This is just a proof that nowadays  with available phone apps one can easily edit picture into something unrealistic…. And yeah, I was tricked.

Anyway, happy Halloween!


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