Duties of a Paralegal

Working as a paralegal often means that you are behind the scenes in the attorney's office, but you are still an integral part of the legal system. One of the things that you should know how to do as a New York paralegal is typing. You also need to be able to organize notes and keep up with all of the cases for the attorney.

 Your key function as a paralegal will be to do research on the cases so that the attorney can prepare for court. You will need to look up information about statutes and possible defenses that can be used in the case. Make sure the facts that you find are written down correctly, and if you find something that is helpful as the case gets started, you need to make sure the information is revealed. Another important part of the job is interviewing clients. You will find out about why they need an attorney and direct them as to how the attorney can help. While in the office, you will draft documents, type notes that are taken in court and file papers for later use by the attorney. Answering phone calls and making appointments for clients is also part of the job.


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