Week 19: Act "As If"

"Begin with the end in mind"
"Things are created twice"

Those are the lines from Stephen Covey's popular book, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" that my mother will always say when she conducted a seminar for personal growth or alike. In order for us to realize our dream we first create it in our mind, from then we are guided on what to do, meet people that will help achieve our plans and eventually reach the goals that we've been planning. In the said book, Stephen encourages his readers to create their mission statement - our blueprint.

Since when I was a child, I have seen so many people struggling to meet their daily needs. We are not rich, but I witness a lot of people coming into our house asking for financial help, and it happens almost everyday. It breaks my heart seeing them dying without even experiencing a luxurious life even for a day or at least eat three times a day and go to bed without worrying what to eat the following day. With that, it's been rooted in my mind to alleviate myself financially. It's been my mission to help other people. 

Coming here in Canada is a blessing, I've helped some of my love ones and friends. But once again I am facing a challenge. In two months time my contract will end because of the changes of the immigration policies. My only hope is my application for residency but the chance is so slim to get it. Even though I have savings, I know it will only vanish if I don't manage it well. It worries me because I am going home jobless. How could I continue with my vision?

But again,  I am reminded not to loose hope and that wherever I go with God's guidance he will be with me. Recently, amidst all the anxieties I feel, I was able to create my vision. To build an empire, a business, a group of companies that will provide job especially to my relatives who are in need of job. I would like to see them being freed from poverty. 

My vision is big, but I claim that I will achieve it. It's my way of realizing my mission of helping other people

Blog title is from the chapter title of the book "Imagine the Life You'd Love to Live, Then Live It" by Peg Conley.


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