Joining Mommy Rubz Thanksgiving Giveaway!!!

I think Mommy Rubz is aiming that all bloggers (or at least more) will have their own self-hosted blogs. Because for this year alone this will be my second time to join a contest with prizes of self-hosted and own domain name blogs… So generous of her as well as the sponsors.


I didn’t win the previous contest that’s why I’m taking my chances for her latest giveaway.

So, what am I thankful of?

Looking at my surroundings…. Looking back at my past…. I could only say that the words “Thank You” is not enough. There’s so much to thank of… So here are just some tidbits of what I am grateful of for the past few days.

1. Baby Hannah turns 1 last February 1. Her birth was unexpected thinking that my brother and sister-in-law can’t have a child. Imagine it was more than eight years before she came. Indeed she’s a special gift.

Babby Hannah Turns 1 This kiddo brings so much joy to our family

2. When it comes to my blogging career, I’m so grateful that paid adsense is back as well as the page rank for this blog is back. I’m still working for the page rank of my other two blogs. Another thing is that, seeing all other craft blogs motivated me to continue my passion in crafting. I’m currently challenging myself for Ey to Zee (A-Z) Valentine Craft Ideas. And of course meeting bloggers in the blogosphere is super exciting. They are one of the reasons while I’m still here – blogging my darn feeling (paid or unpaid….. LOL!!!)

image_thumb[11] PR from 3 to 0 to 2

3. And am thankful that the application for approval of the Local Market Opinion (LMO) of my Canadian employer was approved… and my name was included. But I’m still asking for God’s discernment. If this is His will then so be it…

Of course this Thanksgiving Giveaway would be impossible if not because of the generous people behind this. Thus, I would like to thank Mommy Rubz and all the sponsors of Pinay Mommy Online's Thanksgiving Giveaway!!

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If you want to join in this fabulous giveaways, please visit Pinay Mommy Online's Thanksgiving Giveaway post.


  1. wish you luck! thanks for dropping by at my website...great to be here!


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