Need to Invest for Self-Hosted Blog

I need cash… lots of it. My salary is not enough for all my obligations: monthly payment for teeth braces, payment for my tuition fee and for the fieldtrip, which was agreed by the majority of the class in our seminar subject. I know I overspend but those are necessities also. I have no choice but to borrow money from my mom.

My online earning is not that big considering that I’ve just recovered from my PR 0. And you know low PR means few or no tasks at all. In order for me to maximize my earnings in blogging I also need to invest. I’m thinking of purchasing domain and moving my blogs to a self-hosted blog because advertisers prefer a self-hosted blog. I actually had reserve money for the domain name but I have to prioritize my expenses for my fieldtrip since the date is close.

My problem is that I do not have the knowledge about self-hosting blog. There are many web hosting sites like Hostgator hosting, bluehost, Dream Host, to name a few. But I need to consult blogger friends about these webhosting services to check the reliability and services they offer as well as the payment. I need to check since this involves money and I can take the risk of losing even a single penny.


  1. yan, what paid-to-blog sites are you registered? ako sa PayU2Blog pero required nila ang self hosted blogs, tapos i have also in Blogsvertise pero i don't get any tasks from them. last year, i only had 4 tasks from BV. ikaw?


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