This is one of my mom’s favorite foods. Every time I see vendors selling corn I will always buy for her. This food brings out the child in her (LOL)

Just a little fact:

Corn fiber is also good for reducing LDL (low density lipoproteins) or commonly known as “bad cholesterol”. My colleagues, especially those who have high bad cholesterol, eat corn as substitute to rice. Our canteen, before the management changed, served corn for lunch, but I haven’t tried it (*_*).

Corn is also good for diabetics according to the Department of Science and Technology- Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DoST-FNRI).

White corn contains low glycemic index (GI), which is the rank of food based on blood glucose response. Food that can easily be digested and could rapidly increase glucose in the blood are ranked 55 and up in terms of GI.

Food that is lower than 55 in GI cannot be digested easily. Therefore, the increase of glucose level in blood is slow and minimal. (Mitch Arceo) (Source)



  1. i also love corn, especially the Japanese Sweet Corn :)

  2. yes yes yes.. i LOVE Japanese sweet corn...

  3. hello Yanie, thanks for the visit. love ko rin to kahit simpleng boiled lang with salt

  4. ayay! I love corn too...wag lang yung bigas na mais...ehehhee...kidding!

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  7. i love corn especially when it was made as a soup. Thanks for sharing.


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