My Family; My Treasure

This is my entry to Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week No. 5. This week’s prize is one year free blog hosting sponsored by MaBelle of Treasure Box

I’m avid fan of TechieShe’s weekly giveaway. You know trying to win some freebies. Since I don’t have enough time to prolong my procrastination then I’m oblige to post what I really treasure. Hahaha…. This took me a while to finally post what I really treasure because I’m thinking of lots of things that I treasure.

Treasure? No doubt it’s my family. They are my strength, my happiness, my life, my motivation... etc. etc… I treasure the moments that were together ‘coz you know life is full of surprises. When my sister left for abroad it was difficult for us. But the moments that were together keeps lingering on our mind that even though she’s miles apart the moments that we’re together is a special treasure that no material thing can replace. Weeeeee, this made me miss my sister.


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