Thinking of Gift Ideas

I can smell Christmas now. Stores are starting to put Christmas decors on shelves and keeping the Halloween Stuffs. In fact candies for treat or trick are on super sale.

Actually we had our Christmas tree at our flat since the Thanksgiving Day. See how excited we are for Christmas. For me, it`s the most wonderful time of the year. It`s the time where mostly have receive much money and spend more money – it`s gift giving time!

I am preparing my long list now, before I will be caught up by the Christmas rush I should think of what to give. Honestly, thinking of what to give is a very daunting task. Searching for gift ideas in the internet will surely help.

I have to categorize my list: gift ideas boyfriend, by age, by gender, etc. In this way I could easily identify what to give especially for kids. Usually kids of the same age will compare the gifts they received that could possibly screw your Christmas. It happen many times to us, my nephew wants the gift that my other nephew has. And you just can`t imagine how it turned out! That`s why at home kids of same age usually receive similar gifts.

We also prepare spare gifts because we usually had surprise visitors and we want everbody to have their Christmas presents from us. For this year I`m thinking of buying eos lip balm as spare gift; it`s cute that comes in different color and it`s practical!


Cute EOS Lip Balm

Whew! Thinking of gift ideas gave me headache, it`s hard to think of what to give honestly especially that there are lots of cute stuffs that are affordable. Anyway I still have more than a month to think on what to give. Small or big, cheap or expensive... it doesn't matter at all; it`s the thought that counts!


  1. these are cute lip balms :) thanks for the idea ^^


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