Why I am restraining myself from blogosphere?

I’ve been a blog addict before. I even posted about my addiction on blogging. There came a point that I would go to city proper just to add post; and that’s a 30 minutes drive! I’ve been looking for ways to get internet connected. Although Smart Bro is not fast I still purchased it when it was first released which was a bit expensive. To my dismay it doesn’t serve its purpose well. I’ve been wishing for a 24 hour internet connected and often sneaked during office hours just to blog.

But why I suddenly restrained from doing so?

Last year, I received emails from a mysterious sender using my name with similar email ad to mine trying to ruin my relationship with my boyfriend. Actually there are two email senders, I don’t know if there are two different people or just one but certainly they have one goal – destroy our relationship.

Then last March and I my boyfriend had a fight and I blogged about it. Surprisingly, the mysterious email sender knows about it. And emailed me that she knows why we are fighting. Apparently, she’s my blog follower.

From then on I restrained from blogging about myself, about him.... and even came to the point that I lose interest in blogging. The only thing that keeps me blogging is the fact that I’m earning through paid post, which was not my first priority when I created it.

After back reading my post a while ago I suddenly realized, I don’t need to be dictated by a loser email sender... I should blog more and express more what I feel! This is my comfort zone that once destroyed and now I am reliving it.


  1. Yes, never stop blogging. Sobrang sad naman noh? There are people out there na naiinggit which is why naninira sila ng relationship.

    Blogging is good especially when you're earning. :D And, it also allows you to share your thoughts and emotions. Keep blogging lang and ignore insecure people. :)

    Anyway, about the giveaway, I will make a post about it. But I'm not certain when to do it. Ang dami kasing giveaway for December so daming sposorship. So baka, wala ng mag sponsor sa giveaway ko. HEHEHE :D

  2. yey! so keep posting... you have great followers and I am one of them now.


  3. Hi, follow you via AlexaHop


  4. that email sender, whoever that is, is so mean.. he/she doesn't deserve a single piece of your mind, girl..

    a visit from kimmy!

  5. don't mind them. Cguro test lang yun...and also...keep blogging. marami kang followers. They like the way you blog. plus earning kapa. okay na yun. :)

  6. Thanks sa inspiring words ninyong lahat...

  7. Thanks sa inspiring words ninyong lahat...


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