Confuse with Page Ranking

My other blogger blog, Life Ascending, has been long neglected since I migrated into a self-hosted blog. I cannot delete it because of some paid posts that I made. It would be unfair to the advertiser if I will remove it.

Surprisingly, the page rank remains 1. That somehow I am tempted to update it. But I opt not to because it would be like having two blogs with “lifeascending” in the URL and discussing same topic into different sites.

I cannot understand how Mr. Google ranks sites. This site is more updated but the rank remains zero. When it comes to linking, I’ve got more link exchange here than the other blogger blog. Perhaps I’ll visit sites in my blogroll and check if they really do exchange link with me. This is a big issue that some bloggers do ask for exchange link but they don’t actually link back or some change domain that’s why link are no longer working.

Anyway, I’ll search and study about how Google page rank. Maybe there are still factors that I need to check to improve this site ranking.


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