Enjoying the Beauty of the Sky

It’s January, yet it feels like spring according to my sister. They said it’s very unusual; the temperature should be on –20 to –25 by this time.

Last Christmas in fact was not a white one which I am expecting. Honestly, I’m lovin it given that I came from tropical country. I’m just concern what would be the effect of this condition to our nature.

According to my sister during winter time the sky looks gloomy but the picture below which I took last Thursday is the exact opposite – a very colourful and lovely scenery.




  1. What pretty shades of purple. Love your Sky Watch picture.

  2. A beautiful and gentle sky, well done!

  3. Thanks Arija

    @Arvin: balita ko nga. grabe ang panahon pabago bago.

  4. It's really a nice shot. Does the sky at tropical countries get this type of color?

    By the way, I'm really worried about the weather too. It's January and yet it's so hot. Global warming is really happening already.

  5. Beautiful photo! Glad I found you from the Exposure 99% Blog Hop. You can find me at www.lucasandmahina.com.


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