Malware Attacked (Files Indexation Process Failed)

I was browsing different sites yesterday about polymer clay projects. Suddenly my laptop crashed; a message pop-upped that no matter how I click the “x” button it won’t go. So I decided to shutdown it forcefully.

But when I turned it on I got notifications that my hard disk was crashed. Their are many cascaded messages that appears and the start menu was empty. It says that Files Indexation Process Failed and it recommends to run file checker. It appears real and so I followed the instruction. But everytime I tried to fix the error it will lead me to a site that ask me to purchase something. Which I didn’t take the risk since I know there are lots of frauds in the internet.

Files Indexation Process Failed

I’m worried ‘coz my laptop is new and I don’t want to spend for repair for the PC. So I did research and found out that it’s a false message and my laptop was attacked by a malicious malware.

There are many ways to fix the problem but some requires you to purchase a software. But there is a way to fix it that even a non IT expert can fix and you don’t need to purchase anything.

If ever you’re PC is attack by this kind of malware check this Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools from

I’m not paid to link this site. I just found this site [worth linking] very helpful ‘coz it works with my laptop.


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