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I know how precious the statistic of a blog is: good stat = task = money! And it’s frustrating when you see your stat falling, Alexa rank soaring high and PR seems to be stuck in just one rank for moooonnnttthhhsss! Whew! 

I need to update my blogs daily or at least thrice a week and invite more readers. There are so many post topics running in my mind but once I started to type it seems that words are stuck in my finger. Really frustrating!


  1. I've been planning to do the same as well.,. I 've been busy on my offline jobs that I have forgotten about my blogs. Hopefully both of us will be successful in this endeavor.

    More blogging power to all of us! :) Dropping by from BC Blogger:)

  2. My blog fails to increase its rank too :( maybe because of my seldom posting in it.. but thanks to BC bloggers I can have visitors to it:) and nice to meet you too..

    Goodluck to your blog stat :) keep posting!

  3. i experience this too sometimes.. well, always. haha same as comments above, im thankful for being a member of bc bloggers. hehe

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  5. i was here sis, im just updating my link list and glad ive found my link..ty

    anyway, i have a new site sis, i hope its fine with you if we exchange links there, just leave me a message sis..thanks

  6. hi sis,

    i added your link as well. Take care


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