Priorities to Master

I just withdrew $100.00 from Social Spark and bought some polymer clays out from it. I still have balance of more than a $100.00 and I’m thinking of buying some theme for my blogs. But looking at the theme made me think that what If I’ll purchase a Genesis framework and I’ll do the designing instead. I know I can do it though I don’t have the knowledge in coding. I just want to learn how to do web designing specializing in designing blogs.

However this made me realize that there are so many things in my mind that I want to accomplish but none of these are being implemented. I should act before I realize that I wasted so much time thinking what to accomplish in life.

Here are some top priorities in my mind that I want to master:

  1. 1.       Polymer clay arts – many suggested that I should go in to business after they saw my creations. Hmmmm... poly clays are now on its way actually. Can’t wait!
  2. 2,       Blog design – need to purchase framework, need to learn coding, and need to practice Photoshop.
  3. 3.     Autocad – I know I need this skill in the future if I’ll apply a new job here in Ca.
  4. 4.      Electronics Circuits – yup! It’s been long forgotten but I miss it. I really want to practice my degree.
  5. 5.    Business/earn more money – Never been satisfied with my earning. I know money is not what makes life complete but admit it or not it’s a big contributory factor that makes life easy. I blog to earn more, I want to do poly clay and web designing business because I want to earn more plus it’s my passion, and I want to learn engineering skills because I want to have big salary.  

.... and so on. This is a very long list actually but I opt to write the top 5 only.

I think if I can’t do multitasking, considering that I am a full time worker too, then I should pick what’s close to my heart; or discipline myself in doing those in the list one at a time by making schedule. For now I’ll focus myself in number 1 since it’s the closest to my heart.


  1. Very interesting! Goodluck on your plans, Yannie! I believe you can master it all when you have the determination to go with each of your plans. Cheers!

  2. you will have all the time to fulfill all those in your list yan. at least you don't have kids to look after, so make the most of your free time. i am sure you'll reach them in no time! :-)


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