FB Account is Temporarily Locked

My Facebook account is always open in my phone. Surprisingly, on the morning of December 28 I can no longer access my account in my phone, as well as in other phone or computer. It says that my computer may be infected with a virus which I doubt if it’s true since I can access a different account on the same computer or phone.

I tried to follow the instructions in the prompt box by clicking continue. But I’m suspicious with the instructions because it prompted me to install a scanner which I believe it is a malware so I didn’t do anything. Instead I try to look for forums related to it unfortunately I can’t find the solution. The problem with FB is that there is no “Contact Us” button and I can’t also find the answer in the FB forum or FAQ site about the problem I encountered.

Although I’m not an FB addict, it still bothers me not accessing the account. I suspect somebody reported me as abuse or blocked, BUT I don’t really know the real reason why I can’t access my account. Thus I gave up.

I was able to access my account again on the third day. I didn’t do anything... So when you experience same thing in your FB account I suggest don’t install anything as what you have been told on the prompt box. Just wait and ...have a break on accessing your account.  After all life continues without FB.


  1. hi sis. it could be true because every time i open your eytozee, there is a prompt that says virus detected. naboblock lang ng avg ko. siguro have it checked na lang para sure.

    1. Talaga Liz? I don't know baka may na install ako na plugins that causes it.

  2. i always experience this one also.. but eventually be fine after minutes... lol


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