A Gift from a DA

One of the advantages of having [paid] blogs is getting freebies from advertisers. Although I prefer money in exchange for paid post or text link but freebies is also great.

Blue and white Porcelain pen and bookmark

Last December I got this set of blue and white porcelain pen and bookmark from an advertiser in exchange for text link in the side bar. I check the price and its value is around $27.00. Actually they offer me 4 different freebies to choose but I love the pen and bookmark set the most... just like love at first site! I love it the fact that I love to read and usually write down phrases from books that I read.

The Alexa ranks of my blogs are improving since I joined the Alexa hop from groups of bloggers. And advertisers are now starting to contact me. I hope more opps for this year. I need the moolah badly but freebies are okay as well.


  1. that is pretty cute...looks familiar though...murag nakasugat nako ana nga DA...wala man sya ni dayon kay taga Pinas ra daw kuno iya padad-an...nyahahha!

  2. Yay! So nice! I was sent an email too but I am still torn as to accept the offer or not coz I shouldn't supposed to have TLAs across my blogs. But I am dying to have one like thatttt! LOL!

  3. Sayang nga accept na sana blog ko kay Sheriff kaso may link ako sa DA na nagbigay na to tapos di ko pa pwedeng i-remove

  4. I have chosen this one too. I super love it! It's a sign pen, not just an ordinary ballpen.

    1. I haven't use the pen and the bookmark. I am planning to give it to my mom when I go home.


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