I Can See It's Coming

A door has opened for me to shine like a bright star. LOL...

I've been posting fashion designs in my Instagram account. It's not an ordinary one, I designed it with petals of fresh flowers, crystals, beads, sequins, etc. Though those ideas are not originally mine but inspired by other illustrators. But what I did I draw one fashion illustration then embellish it using those materials I mentioned above, thus, the hashtag 1Dress_Different_Embellishments.

One follower prophecied me that I will be famous someday with my artworks. And that words alone flattered me.

And I guess it's coming. Crayola followed me in IG and direct messaged me:

A good news indeed! 

Currently, we are working with some paper works and I am looking forward to see my artworks in Crayola's Social channels.

I know this is just the beginning.


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