Books... Books.... and More Books

Oh, I love to read! I'm glad I found BookLook Bloggers who distributed free books.... but of course in exchange of review. Nonetheless, since most are spiritual books, these help me in many ways - mold my mind, I became spiritually matured and I better understand life now.

Some books are from other direct advertisers whom just contacted me to do reviews. It feels amazing isn't it?

I can now officially call myself a bookworm! 

By the way, I still prefer flipping page after page than swiping my finger in the screen. 


  1. Books are one of my weakness. Just seeing them gives my heart a leap. Especially in your picture, it makes me want to have a stack of books too.

    Thanks for sharing, I'd better check it out too...

    ~" Sa Mata ng Isang Probinsiyana "~


  2. I am accepted na, but what I usually see is just ebook and not paperback edition.... why kaya?

    1. Hi Teri!

      What' s your current location? Kasi yung ibang printed books available lang sa limited countries baka kasi sa shipping cost.

      By the way, what's uour website para ma visit ko naman


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