It's a Preggy Year

2009 has brought a lot of surprises to me:

• My friend Jackie is 3 months pregnant. Jackie is a very bubbly, childish, smart friend of mine and very stubborn (LOL) but she’s very good to me. I consider her as one of my little sister when I was in Allegro Company before. And as her big sister, she confided to me from the courting period of her hubby and till now even we no longer work in the same company.

• Another close friend of mine Adorna is five months pregnant. Adorna is my colleague back in Yu Jin Company and my housemate for a couple of year. I know they were waiting this for so long. Congrats to both of you!

• A colleague where I’m currently working is also pregnant. As I know she and her husband were waiting this for 3 years.

• And after a couple of year of marriage, Carmela, my highschool, is at last pregnant. 


• My sister in law after 6 years of marriage is finally pregnant. Yehey!!! We thought they could not bear a child anymore. They even adopted a child and named her Angel. She’s turning 4 this November. Hope everything will be okay.

Everything is worth waiting for.


  1. Well, congratulations to all your friends on their pregnancy! It must be an exciting year for them :)

    have a great week,



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