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I’m currently enrolled in Masters in Information Technology, but actually I’m not an IT graduate, somehow I could relate to it since my job is IT related. However there are terms in IT which I could not fully understand. Good thing I’ve stumbled to the webhostinggeeks blog. After reading some posts of this site, only did I realize that my knowledge in IT is century behind (LOL). And if I aim to become one of the IT geek, then there is really a need for me to study hard and regularly visit the site. 

Mainly, the site talks about web hosting. They have lists of Top 10 Web Hosting — Best Web Hosts (2009), Best Web Hosting Awards 2008, Unlimited Web Hosting, Best Budget Web Hosting (2009), Top Eco-Friendly Web Hosts and a lot more.

 I love to know that even in the IT field; people are campaigning of saving the earth. Anyway, if you are wondering what is Green Webhosting means then visit the site. At first, I myself was curious about it. Good to know Webhostinggeeks.com explains about green webhosting. 

Webhostinggeeks.com has a lot of extensive and comprehensive topics about web hosting. They provide consumers or those who are looking for best web host and easy way to decide which web hosting providers suited to their needs and budget.

To summarize, I think people behind this site are totally geek. 


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