A Twist of Faith

My mother is always saying she wants to marry Jesus, (that is becoming a nun). But God has another plan for her; at age of 32 she got married to a widower. So instantly she had 4 daughters and 1 son.

I know it’s not easy to step on that kind of marriage life. But whatever problems or trials they have encountered, I know they have face and combated it together with faith in God. The abundance I experienced right now, material or not, I owe it to both of them.

If you’d ask me how my relationship with my half sisters and brother is, I think I would not consider them as my half; after all we develop a very close tight relationship. Thanks to our parents. For 31 years of marriage life, I think they deserve the best. Happy anniversary to both of you!!!

We love you!!!! xoxoxoxox

By the way my father's name is JESUS (pronounced as Hesus).


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