TATAY – that’s how we called our father. Almost everyone in our place called him tatay, maybe because he possesses a fatherly figure to them. He is a very loving father. Although he is not the affectionate type, I know he loves us. He always makes sure that we are provided with our needs even though there is nothing left for him. 
I know he had so many sacrifices in life. From birth to the time when his first wife died, even up to now (but lesser). When we are in pain and disappointment, I can see his concern to us through his passionate eyes, that if only he can do something for us just to ease the pain that we feel. 

He is a very hardworking man. He woke up as early a 3:00 am to prepare our breakfast. Although he was not able to finish schooling, but I’m proud to say he was able to go to the top of the ladder as a successful man. 

He is a very good cook. And I highly recommend his adobo. He is the one who prepare our foods especially when there is an occasion at home. His grandchildren would blame him when they were not able to follow their diet regime (LOL), because they end up eating a lot of rice because of the sumptuous, mouthwatering foods prepared by my father.

Even though he is earning far more than what he earned before, he do not forget to help people. Indeed my father is a very generous man. Maybe that’s the reason why we receive a lot of blessings.

Sometimes my father is also stubborn especially when it comes to his vices – smoking. And he was guarded with his grandchildren just to help him stop smoking. So sometimes he sneaks and tastes a small puff of cigarette. But once caught by his grandchildren, (LOL) I’m not going to elaborate what would eventually happen (LOL). 

Loving, hardworking, a God fearing person and a man with dignity – that’s what my Tatay is.

Happy Father’s Day Tay…. 

 We Love you. xoxoxox


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