Pics During Mama's 65th Birthday

Hey guys!!! take a peek on my mama's pic during her 65th birthday celebration. Enjoy!!!

  • Mama with her former students, her first batch of students in her first year of teaching at Notre Dame of Esperanza, Cotabato, way back in 1965. Two of her students came all the way from Manila, others from Zamboanga, Cotabato, Butuan, and Davao, just to attend my Mom's birthday.

That is how special my mom to them. They even have goal to have a reunion, their 5oth reunion - GOING FOR GOLD!!!

  • 65 candles formed into number 65 - age of my mom. It was a dramatic experience for my mama, and of course for all of us. It's symolizes the 65 years of her very colorful life that brings light to others.

  • Her testimonial party started with a mass. And the celebrant is her former highschool students, Rev. Fr. Joseph Villarin. My mom was his inspiration and instrument to his priesthood.

  • Mama was teary eyed when she entered the hall, where the party was held. It was a dream come true to her: the mass officiated by her former student and the beach setting through the backdrop (well, due to budget and time constraints instead of the holding the party in a beach, the organizer bring the beach inside the venue.... Thanks to the organizers!).

Take a closer look at the mermaid, it's my mom!!!
The most daring picture of her i have seen (LOL).
Ma, congratulations!!!! You are truly an inspiration to all of us!


  1. wow. nag alamermaid ang mom mo. lol. ^_^

  2. Wow galing nmn ng celeration ng birthday ng mama mo, anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY sa mama mo and wish her a lots of birthday to comes...I miss my mom right now :(..


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