Dinner with My Nieces

My parents will not sleep in our house tonight: Mama will join the group (her previous co-worker) in a seminar held in the Paradise Island and Tatay will spend the night at the farm. Anyway I can already manage. I’m feeling so well right now except for the itchy little thing that sprouted on my body and my face.

My nieces pitied me a lot that they joined me in my dinner so I cooked them with beef loaves and bought them 1 liter of Royal. So we are like having feast in our house. Oh I really love these kids!

I’m just worried because I know Chicken Pox is contagious. But they were not afraid of me. I even asked permission to my sister if it’s okay with her. And I got her approval. I just see to it that we do not have physical contact and they should be at least one meter apart from them.


  1. you should take a rest sis, buti naiiwasan mo yung physical contact with your nieces, hirap din yun. pagaling ka po. :)


  2. hala. chicken pox. mejo iwas lang sa iba kase nk2hawa nga yan. wew. get well ate. :)

  3. it is good for the kids to have chicken pox now than later. for adults it is a little bit dangerous coz it can cause sterility, but no worries for filipinos because we are always fertile, hahahah!!!


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