Harvest Time!

Some of the rambutan fruits at our backyard are already ripe. I do not know why not all fruits matured at the same time. Maybe the climate change has something to do on it. Anyway if you’ll look in the brighter side, we will be enjoying the fruit not just in one sitting this means that will be looking forward for more harvests on the following month, by November and December perhaps.

My father harvesting rambutan fruits

My parents decided to harvest the ripe fruits. And share it with my sister-in-law’s parents (how do you call that relationship?) who came along from Surigao (a 12 hours travel to Davao) and share some to our neighbors especially those kids who keep on coming and asked for rambutan which was still green at that time.


  1. wow! i love eating rambutan fruit! Sarap kaya nun.. hehe.. I remember my twin sis's boyfriend who also have rambutan tree at their backyard.. binigyan din kasi kami. LOL.. ang bait nyo naman ha, for sure bibigyan talaga kayo ni God ng madami pang maihharvest this coming months. :)


  2. rianne, kalami anang rambutan oi! one of my favorites. inig uli nako sa pinas hatagi ko ha!!

  3. Sure faye!!! Pag naay bunga..... hehehe...

    beng and faye thanks sa comments.

  4. wow! fave ko yan ate. jan ako pnaglihi. LOL. sarap! ^_^

  5. kami ay may rambutan din na tanim..season talaga niyan kapag september na..july mag umpisa ng mamulaklak..

  6. Joni, punta ka davao. Bibigyan kita rambutan. hehehe....

    Tama ka Arvin. Kaso hindi sabay2 pagbunga

  7. Rambutan is my favorite fruit..It's expensive here in manila..hehe.. kinda new here in blogspot..=p

  8. that's so cool. I love eating rambutan. Actually, I'm missing it now. Thanks for sharing. :)

    Hope you can visit my page too.

    God bless and more power.

  9. Guys, you're all invited to visit our place and eat rambutan.....

    sito sa Davao ....hehehe...


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