Angel Joy

My brother and his wife thought they could not bear a child anymore, so after 5 years of marriage they decided to adopt a child, a baby girl and named her Angel Joy.

She was frail and black with spots all over her body when my brother first brought her to their home. My brother already suspected the possibilities that Angel is sick; because her mother attempted to abort her when she was still inside her womb. And her mother smokes and drinks liquors during the pregnancy period. Sad to say Angel experience rejection even inside the womb, she was an unwanted child. But still God is good there are people He used as an instrument to take good care of her, and that is my brother and his wife.

A few months then, Angel was diagnosed with an illness; a tube connecting to her kidney (sorry for not using the right medical term) is small compared to the [suppose] normal size. At age of two she underwent a major operation.

Angel is turning 4 this November. She’s truly an Angel to our family especially to my brother and her wife. She brings a lot of joy in our family. She is a very playful child, a very restless child. She loves to dance; her favorite music is “Nobody.”

Angel Joy with his father

Now my brother is face with another challenge. Angel has a congenital heart disease. Her heart is becoming weak as she grows older. She needs to be operated as soon as possible. With an estimate of a half million for her operation is not a joke. My brother is not rich. He does not even know where to get the huge amount. But he is wealthy in terms with his faith in God.

The whole family is praying whole heartedly for our little angel. Please do pray for her.


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