Confused and Disappointed

I was offered a job far from my interest, far from the degree that I finished and a job that I never dreamt of – even in my wildest dream…

I was teary eyes last night when I told my parents about the new offer. I admit I despised my current job how much more the new position given to me. See! I cannot even say here in my post my new position (I’d rather not mention it). I know there will be no career growth for me and not to mention the same salary that I will receive. But I want to clarify, it’s not the salary, it’s the feeling of fulfillment which I will not surely experience.

Yes, I should be glad. There are thousand of people out there who are unemployed… But should I be kept in jailed with this feeling of disappointment. Should I surrender my license, my dreams, and my desires and forget about it

When I left our home this morning, my heart was very heavy. Mama, then sent me a text message:

 Look at it positively. Just be open, make each day a learning day. Choose to enjoy it. Happiness is an inside job. It begins with the mind. Good luck! God is your guide.

I agree with mama. But how about my dreams, how about my happiness… 

I’m confused…. Should I choose to stay and choose to enjoy it? Or choose to find the path where my heart truly belongs?


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