Goodbye is Not Forever

I was teary eyes when I saw them left the house…. It’s so hard to say goodbye. I know, especially if your are starting to enjoy their company.

My heart was aching. Why I haven’t exerted effort to know more about them? It was only last night when I sit down with them. I admit I was annoyed by their snail-like movement. If only they move fast then they will not be caught. And if only they know how to act and play the game, I know they will not be cornered…. there will be no dead end for them.

Now I cannot hold on my tears. I do not know… tears just keep rolling from my eyes… Why I am so affected and felt so defeated? Perhaps because I saw their perseverance yet they failed to win the race. Maybe life’s like that. We don’t all win in one race. Maybe another race is reserved for us to win… Yes life’s like that.

It’s just so unfair!

Big Brother is so unreasonable with his decision. Why force eviction? Why not just an automatic nominee for eviction? Let the people judge! Doesn’t big brother appreciate their effort?

To the three first evictees of Big Brother’s House….. Goodbye’s not forever!


  1. I feel the same way. It was so unfair!

    Do you have 24/7? I was so bitin with melay and tom in the confession room :D

  2. You know that Big Brother is a Netherlands program. The first show was viewed last 1999, i saw the first show.the big brother house was nearby our house in was one of the successful shows produced by john de mol.


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