I'm Buzeeee

I’m super duper busy these days. There are many things needed to be done: left and right assignments and projects. I find it very hard because I’m enrolled in a degree which is not my primary forte. I’m not an IT graduate yet I pursue Masters in Information Technology. Well because my job was in line with it. But I tell you I only knew few things in IT. Perhaps it’s the reason why I pursue in masters in IT... But my knowledge in IT is century behind. I need to learn fast so that I can catch up with the lesson. And my projects involve with programming….. creating a system…. a database thing. Actually we’re going to make a Library Management System. Whew!!! Can somebody help me with this please!!!!

 Sometimes, I feel giving up and forget about finishing this masters degree. In the first place, I’m not in the academe. Nobody forces and requires me to enroll in graduate studies. I purposely enrolled in this degree just for challenging myself. I need challenges otherwise I’ll be complaining all time of not having a challenging job. LOL!!! Well that’s me. I don’t want monotonous job. I want something creative, something that I’ll find new ways of doing things. Thanks to blogosphere!!!

Another thing that made me busy today is that I was also earning units of education. Well with the tough job market place, I had a hard time looking for a job that is related to my course here in Davao. I’m opening myself to any opportunities. And I consider teaching. I come from a family of teacher. My mother and three of my older sisters are teachers then maybe I’ll learn to love this profession (LOL).

Since my class is only on Saturdays (for masters degree) and Sundays (for my earning units) then a lot of bring home exams and assignments are needed to comply. That’s the very reason why I seldom update my blog.

Actually, I was doing my assignment in my Statistic subject tonight. And decided to have a break and blog about what I found inside my statistics book. It’s like a fly, a bee.. I don't know. I just find it very cute and rare. But I’m wondering why the color turns silver. And it’s actually shining-shimmering-silvery creature. Hope I captured it perfectly so that you’ll see it.

 See! Besides of my super busy life, part of me is blogging. I can’t help it! I’m hooked with this blogging thing.


  1. We are same, I am also busy this week, wow IT an in demand job all around the country, my husand is an IT expert but I found it boring hehe..making site or what ever it is. but hubby enjoy it a lot, his been working as an IT for 25 years and he loving it. anyway gudluck to your education and do it because you will have a better future :P.

  2. thanks shy. Apart from crafting I also love IT actually i'm a trying hard IT. hehehe....

  3. ow, we all experience that, yung napapagod sa ginagawa... it's normal. just take some rest yung di na talaga kaya, kahit onting party muna! Hahaha!!

    Kaya yan sis... Go go.. Reach your goals in life. :)


  4. same here; hanging with 'blogger' is getting a habit.


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