Friday, June 26, 2009

Qou Vadis Marianne?

It seems that my world stops. Nothing to write, nothing to do, nothing to think. I feel like my life gets duller and duller. I want to go out from this nutshell but I do not know how. I’m chained with my fears and anxieties. And I want to break free.

My fears are my nightmares. I spent several sleepless nights, and I always ask myself “where will I go?” 

I feel like I’m drowning into the pit of quicksand… in the middle of nowhere.

Quicksand??? I should not move, or else I will be buried alive.

Indeed....... my world stops.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

At My Grave

Me? Dying??? Nope, am not. I just want to share a poem which I found somewhere else. And I just love it.

At My Grave

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow
I am the diamond glint on snow
I am the sunlight on ripened grain
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you wake in the morning husto
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circling flight
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry
I am not there, I did not die.


P.S. when I die, please remember this poem….

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Sunday, June 21, 2009


TATAY – that’s how we called our father. Almost everyone in our place called him tatay, maybe because he possesses a fatherly figure to them. He is a very loving father. Although he is not the affectionate type, I know he loves us. He always makes sure that we are provided with our needs even though there is nothing left for him. 
I know he had so many sacrifices in life. From birth to the time when his first wife died, even up to now (but lesser). When we are in pain and disappointment, I can see his concern to us through his passionate eyes, that if only he can do something for us just to ease the pain that we feel. 

He is a very hardworking man. He woke up as early a 3:00 am to prepare our breakfast. Although he was not able to finish schooling, but I’m proud to say he was able to go to the top of the ladder as a successful man. 

He is a very good cook. And I highly recommend his adobo. He is the one who prepare our foods especially when there is an occasion at home. His grandchildren would blame him when they were not able to follow their diet regime (LOL), because they end up eating a lot of rice because of the sumptuous, mouthwatering foods prepared by my father.

Even though he is earning far more than what he earned before, he do not forget to help people. Indeed my father is a very generous man. Maybe that’s the reason why we receive a lot of blessings.

Sometimes my father is also stubborn especially when it comes to his vices – smoking. And he was guarded with his grandchildren just to help him stop smoking. So sometimes he sneaks and tastes a small puff of cigarette. But once caught by his grandchildren, (LOL) I’m not going to elaborate what would eventually happen (LOL). 

Loving, hardworking, a God fearing person and a man with dignity – that’s what my Tatay is.

Happy Father’s Day Tay…. 

 We Love you. xoxoxox

Beauty Giveaways

I do not wear make-up. A powder and a lip gloss is just enough for me. But sometimes when I face the mirror, all I can see is a beautiful lady (LOL) with a bland look. I know sometimes we really have to wear make-up especially when you are attending parties. At times I’m tempt to purchase one, but I usually end up not to buy because make-ups are expensive. Well not that too expensive, I’m just too frugal. Good to know Frances, a beauty expert, is giving away beauty products. Well it’s actually a contest. So if you’re interested to win cool make-up products visit her site and follow some easy steps.

Hope I’ll win!!!

First Prize

Find out for the other prizes. (click here>>)....

Web Hosting

I’m currently enrolled in Masters in Information Technology, but actually I’m not an IT graduate, somehow I could relate to it since my job is IT related. However there are terms in IT which I could not fully understand. Good thing I’ve stumbled to the webhostinggeeks blog. After reading some posts of this site, only did I realize that my knowledge in IT is century behind (LOL). And if I aim to become one of the IT geek, then there is really a need for me to study hard and regularly visit the site. 

Mainly, the site talks about web hosting. They have lists of Top 10 Web Hosting — Best Web Hosts (2009), Best Web Hosting Awards 2008, Unlimited Web Hosting, Best Budget Web Hosting (2009), Top Eco-Friendly Web Hosts and a lot more.

 I love to know that even in the IT field; people are campaigning of saving the earth. Anyway, if you are wondering what is Green Webhosting means then visit the site. At first, I myself was curious about it. Good to know explains about green webhosting. has a lot of extensive and comprehensive topics about web hosting. They provide consumers or those who are looking for best web host and easy way to decide which web hosting providers suited to their needs and budget.

To summarize, I think people behind this site are totally geek. 

Friday, June 19, 2009

Lord's Night

Tomorrow is our graduation day in Christian Life Program Seminar for Singles for Christ. They actually called it Lord’s Night. And it gonna be a Mega Lord’s Night since it’s a joint celebration of four clusters. So it’s some kinda scary especially that we’re the host of the big night. And yet were not prepared for our presentation. Hopefully tonight we can finalize it, by God’s grace.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Twist of Faith

My mother is always saying she wants to marry Jesus, (that is becoming a nun). But God has another plan for her; at age of 32 she got married to a widower. So instantly she had 4 daughters and 1 son.

I know it’s not easy to step on that kind of marriage life. But whatever problems or trials they have encountered, I know they have face and combated it together with faith in God. The abundance I experienced right now, material or not, I owe it to both of them.

If you’d ask me how my relationship with my half sisters and brother is, I think I would not consider them as my half; after all we develop a very close tight relationship. Thanks to our parents. For 31 years of marriage life, I think they deserve the best. Happy anniversary to both of you!!!

We love you!!!! xoxoxoxox

By the way my father's name is JESUS (pronounced as Hesus).

Billiard Multiplayer Games

Want to play billiards in a digital way? Visit this cool site, They offer multiplayer games, so meaning you will not be bored playing alone. You can invite friends to play with you or interact with other people as your virtual opponent.

I know you will ask about the speed. I myself hate to play games that would freeze in the middle of the game. Don’t worry because this site is fast.

How about the fee? I understand that in the mid of this financial crisis it’s impractical to spend especially if it’s not a priority need. But this site is ABSOLUTELY FREE. So you'll enjoy playing without thinking how much it cost.

With this kind of multiplayer game, fast and free, I bet you’ll end up playing the whole day.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ThingsThat Excites Me

I haven't sleep last night because something excittes me. But I do not feel tired, that's what I called doing what I love to do.

Here are the list of things that keeps me awake, alert and enthusiatic:

  1. Arts
  2. Crafts
  3. Scriptwriting
  4. Blogging
  5. Writing
  6. Directing play
  7. Decorating our house
  8. hhmmmmmm.... (thinking)... something that will use my creativity
  9. more.... and... more (still thinking).

I'm going to revisit this post and add some more....

Real Property Management

Having headache managing your rental property or paying those leasing fee? Try Real Property Management(RPM). They manage over 20,000 units nationwide; specializing management of single family homes, multi-unit apartment buildings, and homeowner’s associations.

I could say I am a meticulous person, particularly when it comes to property that I buy or business that I would go into, especially when huge money is involve. I always consider integrity or credibility of a certain company and the of course the people working on it, well-trained and competent staff. Reading some reviews of RPM I know it’s a total package of what I am looking for. They are member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) that ensures the highest standards in property management services. They were awarded as the "Franchise of the Year Honarable Mention." Plus RPM Midwest was featured in the Bizjournal of Cincinnati and Columbu. Isn’t that appealing? And that Freddie Mac has signed an exclusive agreement with Real Property Management to manage the new REO Rental Initiative. 

Ensuring Higher Standards in Property Management? Visit Real Property Management guaranteed to serve you real!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's a Preggy Year

2009 has brought a lot of surprises to me:

• My friend Jackie is 3 months pregnant. Jackie is a very bubbly, childish, smart friend of mine and very stubborn (LOL) but she’s very good to me. I consider her as one of my little sister when I was in Allegro Company before. And as her big sister, she confided to me from the courting period of her hubby and till now even we no longer work in the same company.

• Another close friend of mine Adorna is five months pregnant. Adorna is my colleague back in Yu Jin Company and my housemate for a couple of year. I know they were waiting this for so long. Congrats to both of you!

• A colleague where I’m currently working is also pregnant. As I know she and her husband were waiting this for 3 years.

• And after a couple of year of marriage, Carmela, my highschool, is at last pregnant. 


• My sister in law after 6 years of marriage is finally pregnant. Yehey!!! We thought they could not bear a child anymore. They even adopted a child and named her Angel. She’s turning 4 this November. Hope everything will be okay.

Everything is worth waiting for.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Around the World with Ethnic Foods

My sister is working in Canada; I know apart from us, she misses a lot from Philippines including Filipino foods. I know her pretty well when it comes to food, she’s not the picky type, and she’s adventurous and willing to try new foods. She was the one who introduces to me new restaurants or new recipes for us to prepare for our family. Now that she’s away from us, I thought she will no longer or will take her longer to eat Filipino foods. Thanks to through this site they will bring my sister closer to Philippines through Filipino foods and other Pinoy food products. But it does not limit to Filipino food products, for they offer over 4500 various ethnic food products from all over the world and counting more recipes or products everyday. It’s indeed the largest ethnic supermarket.

Opppssss!!! Brace yourself because offers hard to find food products such as, snacks, sauces, spices, cooking mixes, sweets, cookies, beverages, and a lot more. So if you’re a cook or experimenting new recipes and you cannot find the ingredients in your local market why not visit this site and start shopping. I bet you’ll end up with your shopping cart full of products offered in this asian food grocer and I believe you will able to make a delicious recipe out of it.

So if you are bold enough to taste different ethnic foods from different places or if you are craving for something that you can’t find in your local market, then try this asian food grocer. With a flat rate shipping of $4.99 you’ll experience the luscious mouthwatering ethnic foods right in your home or wherever you wanted to eat it. Imagine, with asian food grocer you’ll experience to taste food from different places that you’ve never visited, so it’s like bringing the world through foods right at your dining table.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Another Paid to Blog Network

Yepey!!! Smorty finally accepted my application as blogger. I applied last April but my blog, Spices of my Life, was rejected. I tried to reapply many times but it was always discarded. I already surrendered. But last Friday I tried to resend my application. And I was surprised when I received their email of approval. 

Another Task. Another challenge. Oh!! I love challenges.

Thanks Smorty!!! 

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Online Inquiry of Best Rates

Gone were the days that you go to different banks waiting for a long queue just to know which banks offers best mortgage rates, or those days that a middle man transact a business for you. With the birth of internet, everything seems going online. Want to know the best mortgage interest rate? It’s just a click a way; saves time, saves money - its hassle free.

I Am a Volcano

I am a volcano
Dormant? Active?
I do not know.

I stood still
I’m just observing.

Sometimes I erupted
Roaring madly.
Feeling burst 
Hot lava flows.

No more lava;
Expressed bitterness.
I am a volcano
That comes to rest.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Turbocharger: For a Better Automobile Performance

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So if you want an improvement and total performance of your automobile consider They are willing to do an extra mile for their costumer by giving their assistance to ensure your turbocharger is working properly. 

Remember it’s very important that when changing car parts always consider quality because your safety begins with it; consider

My Birth Profile

I found this 27 years old birth profile of mine in my album,
I find  it very antique and momentous so  I decided to post it.

Name: Bb G. Relabo

Date: 4-17-1982

Time: 9:39 am

Weight: 6.14 lb

Height: 20 inches

Head: 13 inches

Chest: 13 inches

Physician: Dr. Fernandez

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Direct TV: Ideal for Every Family Member

Our family is an avid fan of Manny Pacquiao. He was truly a phenomenal in all his battles. But we are always delayed watching his games since we are dependent on local station, one who sponsored his game. What happened is that we already knew the winner (through friends who had watched via live coverage) before we can watch his fights in the rink. So the thrill was already gone.

I think its best time to purchase direc tv. I’ve learned that they offer 265+ channels that are programmed in the system driven to offer costumers more choices. Wooah!!! An unbelievable wide selection of entertainment for every member of our family, so it’s simply means we can watch different games not just fights of Manny Pacquiao. And with direc tv, we can now watch different movies, so it’s like bringing a theater into your home. That’s cool!!! 

With direc tv, we can now watch Manny Pacquiao’s game in real time and can clearly see his moves and how his fist landed to his opponents, because direc tv is an all-digital, so every channel comes in crystal-clear. That’s exciting, isn’t it? 


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