Sunday, October 25, 2009

Missionary Visitors

We are lucky to host the missionaries that came from other countries: one British priest who was assigned in Korea, with him is two other nuns, both Korean; and a lay missionary from India.

They came to our place to benchmark on how Catholic religion runs in our country. And we feel so lucky that they chose our place.

Although they only stayed for a night, I know we all enjoyed the camaraderie.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Iingatan Ka

Mama’s final farewell to her colleagues and the organization was held last September 30, 2009. The theme is touch by an angel, that’s why we wore white blouses/polo. I love this family photo except that my sister Jeia was not with us.

Iingatan Ka
Carol Banawa

Sa buhay kong ito
Tanging pangarap lang
Ang iyong pag mamahal
Ay ma kamtam
Kahit na sandali
Ikaw ay mamasdan
Ligaya tila ay
Walang hangan
Sana ay di na magising
Kung nangangarap man din
Kung ang buhay na makulay
Ang tatahakin
Minsan ay nadarama
minsan di na iluluha
Di ka na maninilbi
pagkat sa buhay mo
ay may nag mamahal parin

Iingatan ka
Aalagaan ka
Sa puso ko ikaw ang pag-asa
Sa 'ting mundo'y
may gagabay sa iyo
Ang alay ko'y itong pagmamahal ko
May nag mamahal aakay sa iyo
Aking inay ikaw ang nagbigay
Ng Buhay ko
Buhay na kay ganda
Pangarap ko na makamtan ko na

Sana'y di na magising
Kung nangangarap man din
Kung ang buhay na makulay
Ang tatahakin
Minsan ay nadarama
minsan di na iluluha
Di ka na maninilbi
pagkat sa buhay mo
ay may nag mamahal parin

We were singing "Iingatan ka" here

Iingatan ka
Aalagaan ka
Sa puso ko ikaw ang pag-asa
Sa 'ting mundo'y
May gagabay sa iyo
Ang alay ko'y itong pagmamahal ko
May nagmamahal aakay sa iyo
Aking inay ikaw ang nagbigay
Ng Buhay ko
Buhay na kay ganda
Pangarap ko na makamtan ko na (2x)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Want to share some photos of flowers taken at our backyard.

This reminds me that we’re still lucky [here in Philippines] because all year round we experience the beauty of nature through flowers.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Confused and Disappointed

I was offered a job far from my interest, far from the degree that I finished and a job that I never dreamt of – even in my wildest dream…

I was teary eyes last night when I told my parents about the new offer. I admit I despised my current job how much more the new position given to me. See! I cannot even say here in my post my new position (I’d rather not mention it). I know there will be no career growth for me and not to mention the same salary that I will receive. But I want to clarify, it’s not the salary, it’s the feeling of fulfillment which I will not surely experience.

Yes, I should be glad. There are thousand of people out there who are unemployed… But should I be kept in jailed with this feeling of disappointment. Should I surrender my license, my dreams, and my desires and forget about it

When I left our home this morning, my heart was very heavy. Mama, then sent me a text message:

 Look at it positively. Just be open, make each day a learning day. Choose to enjoy it. Happiness is an inside job. It begins with the mind. Good luck! God is your guide.

I agree with mama. But how about my dreams, how about my happiness… 

I’m confused…. Should I choose to stay and choose to enjoy it? Or choose to find the path where my heart truly belongs?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Angel Joy (2)

Honey: Here's the finishing touch for your lips...

Say "aaaaa" angel. 

Angel: Wait ate, there's a camera!!!!aaaaaaa....

Tita: Just smile baby. Don't open your mouth..

Angel: I can't It will smudge!! aaaaaaa!!!

Tita:(LOL).....Okay!.... (click!)

Angel: Uhmmm... i forget my peace sign!
and my power smile.
Angel: With my make-up artists.....
They are my Twin Cousins

Angel: Don't kiss me it will smudge my face...


Stay away from me!!!!

Angel: Huhuwuah!!!! I told you not to kiss me!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Angel Joy

My brother and his wife thought they could not bear a child anymore, so after 5 years of marriage they decided to adopt a child, a baby girl and named her Angel Joy.

She was frail and black with spots all over her body when my brother first brought her to their home. My brother already suspected the possibilities that Angel is sick; because her mother attempted to abort her when she was still inside her womb. And her mother smokes and drinks liquors during the pregnancy period. Sad to say Angel experience rejection even inside the womb, she was an unwanted child. But still God is good there are people He used as an instrument to take good care of her, and that is my brother and his wife.

A few months then, Angel was diagnosed with an illness; a tube connecting to her kidney (sorry for not using the right medical term) is small compared to the [suppose] normal size. At age of two she underwent a major operation.

Angel is turning 4 this November. She’s truly an Angel to our family especially to my brother and her wife. She brings a lot of joy in our family. She is a very playful child, a very restless child. She loves to dance; her favorite music is “Nobody.”

Angel Joy with his father

Now my brother is face with another challenge. Angel has a congenital heart disease. Her heart is becoming weak as she grows older. She needs to be operated as soon as possible. With an estimate of a half million for her operation is not a joke. My brother is not rich. He does not even know where to get the huge amount. But he is wealthy in terms with his faith in God.

The whole family is praying whole heartedly for our little angel. Please do pray for her.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Goodbye is Not Forever

I was teary eyes when I saw them left the house…. It’s so hard to say goodbye. I know, especially if your are starting to enjoy their company.

My heart was aching. Why I haven’t exerted effort to know more about them? It was only last night when I sit down with them. I admit I was annoyed by their snail-like movement. If only they move fast then they will not be caught. And if only they know how to act and play the game, I know they will not be cornered…. there will be no dead end for them.

Now I cannot hold on my tears. I do not know… tears just keep rolling from my eyes… Why I am so affected and felt so defeated? Perhaps because I saw their perseverance yet they failed to win the race. Maybe life’s like that. We don’t all win in one race. Maybe another race is reserved for us to win… Yes life’s like that.

It’s just so unfair!

Big Brother is so unreasonable with his decision. Why force eviction? Why not just an automatic nominee for eviction? Let the people judge! Doesn’t big brother appreciate their effort?

To the three first evictees of Big Brother’s House….. Goodbye’s not forever!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm Buzeeee

I’m super duper busy these days. There are many things needed to be done: left and right assignments and projects. I find it very hard because I’m enrolled in a degree which is not my primary forte. I’m not an IT graduate yet I pursue Masters in Information Technology. Well because my job was in line with it. But I tell you I only knew few things in IT. Perhaps it’s the reason why I pursue in masters in IT... But my knowledge in IT is century behind. I need to learn fast so that I can catch up with the lesson. And my projects involve with programming….. creating a system…. a database thing. Actually we’re going to make a Library Management System. Whew!!! Can somebody help me with this please!!!!

 Sometimes, I feel giving up and forget about finishing this masters degree. In the first place, I’m not in the academe. Nobody forces and requires me to enroll in graduate studies. I purposely enrolled in this degree just for challenging myself. I need challenges otherwise I’ll be complaining all time of not having a challenging job. LOL!!! Well that’s me. I don’t want monotonous job. I want something creative, something that I’ll find new ways of doing things. Thanks to blogosphere!!!

Another thing that made me busy today is that I was also earning units of education. Well with the tough job market place, I had a hard time looking for a job that is related to my course here in Davao. I’m opening myself to any opportunities. And I consider teaching. I come from a family of teacher. My mother and three of my older sisters are teachers then maybe I’ll learn to love this profession (LOL).

Since my class is only on Saturdays (for masters degree) and Sundays (for my earning units) then a lot of bring home exams and assignments are needed to comply. That’s the very reason why I seldom update my blog.

Actually, I was doing my assignment in my Statistic subject tonight. And decided to have a break and blog about what I found inside my statistics book. It’s like a fly, a bee.. I don't know. I just find it very cute and rare. But I’m wondering why the color turns silver. And it’s actually shining-shimmering-silvery creature. Hope I captured it perfectly so that you’ll see it.

 See! Besides of my super busy life, part of me is blogging. I can’t help it! I’m hooked with this blogging thing.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Goodbye Plurk!!!

I saw this plurk widget in many blogs. I got interested and joined. When was that??? Uhmmm.... I think it was last May or June.... (Sorry guys I already forgot!!!)
Plurk is actually a social network where you can easily share your life with friends, families and fans. The more update the higher your karma is (Please do'nt ask me why “karma” ? I honestly do not know why. Anyway you can search it through internet). By the way here's a more specific meaning of plurk from wikepedia
Plurk is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send updates (otherwise known as plurks) through short messages or links, which can be up to 140 text characters in length. Updates are then shown on the user's home page using a timeline which lists all the updates received in chronological order, and delivered to other users who have signed up to receive them. Users can respond to other users' updates from their timeline through the website, by instant messaging, or by text messaging

But today – October 3, 2009 – I decided to remove plurk on my blog. Not that i don't like it, it's just that i had a hard time updating my plurk. For the past couple of months my Karma remained 0.00 – as in zero updates of my life in plurk.

But I'm not closing my door to plurk... it's just a temporary goodbye.


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