An Orange-Colored Fruit

Color meme are very addicting. Everytime I see something that has dominant color my mind would immediately tell me it’s perfect for a certain meme; the “I-ba-blog ko yan” thing. I know if your blog addict you certainly experience this kind of thinking.

So when I found this cluster of tiny colored-orange fruit at the backyard, first thing that comes in my mind is Orange Meme.

Orange Colored Fruit

P.S….Sorry I do not know it’s name… I don’t know either if it’s edible.



  1. Indeed!
    HAHAHAHA! Ganyan din ako kapag may nakikita akong interesting at relevance sa isang meme na gusto ko! :D

    Visiting you from OT.
    Who So Hot Pau?

  2. korek, ako din, lahat na lang ng makita kong orange, kelangan ma-picture-an ko kase "i-b-blog ko yan." :D

    here's my share for OT: PEE WEE FOOTBALL GAME

    hope you can visit me back! see you around :)

  3. that looks yummy! sana pedeng kainin, hahaha. same here, whenever i see something interesting or colorful, the blogger mode sets in.

    Thanks for the visit, sis! Hope you can visit us also at

  4. hahahaha...korek!
    lalo na ako..kelangan may isang blog ako sa tatlo kngo mixed blog na sasali sa..
    now i have limited time na kaya hindi ko macomplete ang isang buong week na color meme..
    thanks for joining! see yah next round..

  5. Hahahaha! Korek! Joining the color meme bandwagon is fun. Partner natin ang camera at blog para dyan. Lol!

    Thanks for swinging by at

    See yah!

  6., at talagang napaka orange:)

    thanks for droppin at my visiting back;) till next time!

  7. they're so cute! i really hope they are edible, lol!

    by the way, do you mind checking out on What's A Fossil?

  8. bagay din iyan sa blog ni chiklets na

  9. tumpak! hahaha...likewise, kung ano ano nalang pinipicturan!


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