It’s Thanksgiving Day! Well for me everday is a Thanksgiving Day. There are many blessings that we received that we should be thankful about. But sometimes we forgot to see little things because we are overwhelmed with so many pressures in life: work, family, friend, future, etc.

For this Thanksgiving Day, I thank God for all the blessings and challenges that came in to my life. But there’s one thing that I am so grateful of...

Two weeks ago I received a text message from my mom about my sister who is sick and probably will lead to cancer. When I learned about it, my whole body was trembling. My sister suffered a lot, especially emotionally because of his irresponsible husband leaving her with 8 kids. I can’t imagine how her children will take this news.

Two weeks was a very long weeks for us. After several tests, her laboratory exam finally came out [the day before Thanksgiving Day] and it’s negative from cancer cells. Though she needs to undergo medication, I still thank God for answering our prayer.


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