Pick -n-Pull

Pick-n-Pull is a self service auto and truck dismantlers. It is where you can find car parts from other old cars. It’s a sort of car’s “ukay-ukay” version. But if you’re planning to go there, see to it that you bring your own tools to dismantle car parts.

I never had a chance to get inside the area of Pick-n-Pulls because it’s something like a “boy-thing”. But I regretted when we left the store. On our way out, the highway is elevated so I had a chance to see how wide the area is with hundreds or thousands of cars piled. I can’t imagine how one can rummage car parts there.

When I saw a yellow car on the billboard I quickly grabbed my camera and captured it. All I can think is it’s perfect for Mellow Yellow Monday entry.


  1. ...and it is perfect for Mellow Yellow; well done!

  2. ...and it IS a perfect choice for the meme today. I think I probably would have grabbed my camera like you did!!

    Mexican Bird of Paradise


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