BC Bloggers is Back!!!!

I can’t recover my PR 3. I know it’s my fault; I no longer update this blog that much. ‘Coz honestly I’m losing interest in blogging. I’m mentally blocked - I can’t simply organize words into sentence. But recently I realized I need to blog. This is just one of the ways to keep me mentally active.

So one way to boost my PR is to post regularly and I need linkys. Thanks to Ms. Paula of Mommy Diary for hosting the BC Blogger. I know thru this I can easily exchange links with co-bloggers.



  1. i'm also joining in this one using my two other blogs. i'm not sure if this is against the google webmasters rule kaya hindi ko isinali ang main blogs ko. maybe later on na lang....

  2. OO nga ano? Pero successful naman yung previous bloggers. Let's just see


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