I Am Certified Blog Addict

Reasons why I claimed myself as a Certified Blog Addict:

      1.  I keep on blog hopping.

      2.  I keep on thinking what to post

           next while:

             a. riding on a bus/jeep

             b. walking

             c. waiting for a bus/someone

             d. doing nothing but think…. think….

                 think what  to post next

      3.  Taking candid pictures using my mobile phone

           (that’s why I badly needed a digicam of my own)

      4.  In the middle of the night I woke up and think what to post next.

      5.  And to top …. Last night my mother heard me  babbling these

           words while  I’m sleeping  .... “ability…. ability…. ability to blog” ……….. (LOL)



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