Delete it or Not?

I’m decided to delete this blog. I’m not updating it ‘coz simply I loss interest with it. But I know deleting it is unfair to the part of the advertisers who paid me to blog for a certain product. So I’m thinking of just leaving it.

It’s been more than a month since my last post. My Alexa rank is soaring high and my page rank remains zero. I only have 362 posts and 144 followers since August 2008. All these seem worthless to me… I no longer care...

Before leaving it, I decided to back read my old posts today. I realize those days that I’m so addicted with blogging than even at work I sneaked to blog and even dreaming about blogging.

I suddenly felt missing this blog that deleting or leaving this blog is no longer my option. And at the end of the day here I am in front of my laptop composing a new post for this blog.


  1. nooooooooo...don't! pede i park lang...kay who knows pag mag update na si google sa PR ma PR10 nani...ehehhee...sayang!

    thanks for dropping by...:) oo, ni bike ang gamay nga dalaga...ganahan man jud ni sya mag bike...basta naa lang dala balon payts na...ehehhee!

    1. Mao Dhemz sayang gyud. Di na nako idelete oi kay sayang ako effort... hehe


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