The Ring Cloud

It’s beautiful outside; it’s 18 degrees Celsius! This morning I decided to just walk instead of requesting a ride from my colleague. It’s nice since I can breathe fresh air for a longer time [when it’s cold outside I don’t have a choice but to stay inside].
While walking going home, Mr. Sun was brightly shinning it’s hot but I love it. I can see even the seagulls are enjoying the weather as they circled up in the sky. When I look at them I noticed something odd in the sky. Besides few streaks of stratus clouds there is a ring cloud. Although it was so glaring I can see it’s almost perfect circle. It’s like a diamond ring as the sun intersects with the ring.
I wish I captured it whole but my iPhone capability was not able to do it. Just connect the pictures below to see what I mean.
Ring Cloud 1
Ring Cloud 2
Ring Cloud 3
Ring Cloud 4
Look at Mr. Sun – the diamond in the ring


  1. wow! that's nice yan!!! init naman diay ang weather diha ron noh??? haaay! how i wish makaabot na mi dihang lugara! hahaha! hope to see you soon there... mag EB ta diha! hehehe... dropping by!


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