Beiber Heart Pillow

Just a clarification, I am NOT Beiber fan; I blogged about it actually. It’s my niece who is so crazy with him. Before I came here in Ca her wish is to have a Beib’s memorabilia thinking that Beib is from Canada. LOL.... Thus everytime I chatted with her I teased her that I met Beib and even hug him, which of course unbelievable.

Anyways, I bought this Beib’s heart pillow through an Avon dealer. I didn’t hesitate buying it as soon as I saw it in the brochure though it’s costly. I know she’ll like it though she told me once that she’s no longer a Beib fan. But I believe receiving this pillow will remind her that she was once inlove with Beib.

Unfortunately, we already sent the “balikbayan box”. And mailing it will just cost more not to mention that the service of post office back home is not good. Just imagine we sent pictures and it took more than three months before it arrived. So most probably we’ll send it next year when the boxes are full or when I go home. Hope she didn’t outgrow her love for Beib.


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