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Recently a Grade 6 girl died after a minivan crashed into St. Paul’s Racette Junior High School. It was reported that the driver who was charged in the incident had been having seizures for several months and is now faced with three counts of dangerous driving causing bodily harm, resisting arrest and possession of controlled substance.

 Who would have thought that this kind of accident will happen in the school zone. I believe there is a strict traffic rules yet no matter how strict it is if drivers are negligent and will not obey rules then accident like this would likely happen.

According to Ontario School Zone Safety Survey, more than three-quarters of parents polled witness drivers break the law in school zones. Furthermore, of those breaking traffic laws, almost three-quarters (74%) have witnessed people driving faster than the speed limit; 68% report drivers talking or texting on a cell phone while driving; 37% report drivers not stopping at a cross walk; 20% report drivers not stopping for crossing guards; and 19% report drivers running red lights.

Another problem sited in the survey is that there is no drop-off/pick-up designated area in some school. And although some school has, there are incidents that parents will break rules for some reasons like: area is full or they are in hurry. For any reasons traffic rules SHOULD ALWAYS be followed. School administrators should communicate with parents and students and emphasize the importance of traffic rules.

The result shown in Insurance Hunter’s survey on driver safety in school zones is alarming. This should be studied and from it, concern people should draw some precautionary measures because I believe a school should be a place where children can learn, grow independently and safely.


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