When Water Heater Breaks...

I can’t start my day without taking shower. Even if it’s my day off. So when my sister told me that there is no hot water. I had to wake up as early as 4 this morning to boil water.
Back home my bathwater is always lukewarm; how much more here in CA and especially during winter season. Actually my 2 pots of boiling water were not enough to make my bathwater hot. However it helps.

Good thing that I grow up using “tabo and balde” to take a bath....


  1. i take a with with lukewarm water myself, i get the chills when i don't.. :(

  2. Oh it's aggravating when the water heater breaks. I experienced that here in the US when we were in an apartment. Geez, I had to boil water for bath for two days. And I worked very early at that time.


  3. it happened to us one time here yan, it wasn't the heater but there was no water supply, unya kaihion na kaayo ko... pastilan, pugong2x jud nako... hehehe... dugay2x pud nabalik ang water kay naguba ang pump, dili kasaka ang supply. dah, pagbalik sa tubig, dagan2x sa bathroom oi! hehehe


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