Keeping the Blog Alive

With the almost one month absent in the blogosphere, I missed a lot of my friend updates as well as opportunities. Although my page rank did not decline but I can see that there were only few visitors. Worst, my other two blogs had no visitors. Well it’s a sort of prioritizing.

Though, exam is already finished I honestly can’t manage my three blogs. I cannot my focus myself on writing because I’m destructed with my desire to do the polymer clay arts. Since the day I discovered it my nose sticks on the computer looking for ideas on how to make cute little things using polymer clays.

Now my problem is on how to keep my blog alive especially my two other blogs, Life Ascending and Colour.


I have learned there are thousands of online freelance to do the job as content writer. Of course I cannot afford it. But there is a website that offers website contents for free – the Article Alley. I was browsing their Article directory and found lots of topics that I can republish in my blog. I think this world be the best option to keep my blog movin. But of course I still prefer writing my own ideas for my blogs.


  1. Hi Faye!!! I'm good. trying to catch up things... I miss the blogosphere


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