On Sports

I’m not the sporty type girl… But at least I know basic rules of some games; that include basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, and bowling.

On basketball – our family is an avid fan of Alaska Team way back when I was elementary. I can still remember how the whole family shouted everytime one of the members of the team made a score. Not just our family but the whole neighborhood. So you’ll know which team they supported through the cheers. What I love most is the last one minute of the game especially if there is a very tight competition between teams. Hearts thumping and sweats flows all over my body; it really excites us!

About tennis, my father was once a tennis player before. He even had a champion trophy both in single and double game. I also enjoy this game aside from being a viewer I together with my friends were the one who were tasked to pick-up balls in exchange of money. LOL…

I learned other ball games during PE class and also as our past time during weekends.

But one ball game that I am so curious is football. We do not have this in our class. I’m really wondering how they made score. It surely the hardest game since scoring is difficult. I’m even astonished with the numerous fans of this games that even spend a lot of money for football betting.Hmmmm... I think I better watch football games to learn the beauty of this game.


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