Sooooo Excited.....

I was so eager to take the take the exam a week ago. Not because I am prepared (‘coz actually I’m not), it’s because there are lot of things that I missed like blogging; and there are many things that excites me that even during review my mind keeps on wandering… and wishing that the exam ends.

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

I found a new online job at oDesk – the on demand global workforce. This means more revenue! But I cannot figure out how it actually works. I’m still studying it. Besides I need to install something that monitors my online progress which I cannot do because speed of the internet at home is so slow. Grrr….. I already inquired the latest plugin modem from Smart Telecom if its performance is much better than the first release model. I also inquired about the PLDT DSL, (which I strongly prefer), but the problem is we do not have telephone line at our place. So I have to choose the plugin modem from PLDT which relies on a 3G communication. I’m still waiting for their call for the free demo at home.

Photosource: Purple Nook

Another thing that excites me is the polymer clay. Although I haven’t made my first project but I can say I am a clay addict! But I do not have enough budgets to buy the materials. Almost every day I peek unto the sites which sell polymer clays and tools. And I just keep on jotting down what to buy. (Sigh)…. I do have now clay and an extruder. But it’s not enough, that’s why I’m eager to start at oDesk for me to have an extra income to buy this vice of mine. Hmmmm… Is it really a vice? It honestly makes me happy.


But the best thing so far that keeps my mind joggling is the teeth braces. Yehey…. My sister knows an orthodontist who could fix my crooked teeth with a very low down payment and a staggered monthly payment for the balance. This is really great news! I can’t wait the date of my appointment…LOL….

I will post soon my experience with my braces…..


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