Teeth Braces: Initial Consultation

This is my third time to consult an orthodontist regarding teeth braces. When I learned from my sister that the initial payment is very low, I decided to have an initial consultation immediately. I cannot procrastinate; this was my goal a long time ago.

I thought this might help for those who are planning to correct their teeth. Here are the initial steps based on what I have gone through:

1. You must consult an orthodontist, an expert in their field of course. The dentist will examine your teeth whether there are teeth with cavities and needed to restore (“pasta”). At the same time you’ll be informed the quotation for the braces.

I like my orthodontist, aside from examining my teeth; she gave me a very thorough explanation about teeth braces and my case.

2. Then you have to undergo some test and procedures before the installation of braces:

a. Panoramic x-ray – It’s a full mouth series of smaller x-ray that shows the patient’s nasal area, jaw points, teeth and surrounding bone. It also shows impacted teeth that are buried deep inside the jaw bones.

Photo source

b. The side view profile x-ray of your head

c. A close-up picture of your face (front, left and right side)

d. A close up picture of your teeth. With the aid of a plastic retractor, you’ll stretch your mouth wide so that they can easily get picture of your teeth (front, left side and right side). For me it was really embarrassing…. LOL.

e. Then the last one is the casting of your teeth. The most uncomfortable procedure I have undergone. A pink gooey thing was place in a tray and inserted in my teeth and was remove after a minute or when it dries. It sticks to my gum which I thought it won’t be removed but it was only a vacuum. LOL…


3. The cast will be ready after 4 days. The laboratory will just have it delivered in my orthodontist clinic. I added 100 pesos for the freight charge.


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