365 Days Journey of Gratefulness

I woke up a little bit late last Saturday morning. I was awakened with the unstoppable message alert tone in my mobile phone. I almost forgot that it was my birthday. After spending my nth (still denial… LOL) in this planet it was my first time to realize I was so lucky despite all odds. I admit. I cried a bucketful of tears that morning… It’s unexplainable yet it relieves me from anger, anxieties, and all the negative things that stored in me. I actually called it ‘tears of joy.’ I may sound corny, but that’s actually what I felt. It’s an involuntary emotion (I don’t know if there’s such a thing called involuntary emotion…LOL).

That morning, first thing that came to my mind is to have a 365 days journey of gratefulness by writing it in a notebook. A sort of Thank You note to God. I learned it from a TV host, Boy Abunda, quoting “You’ll look life differently when you thank God more often than complaining”. Unfortunately I was not able to do it because I haven’t purchase the notebook yet and I was busy preparing for my exam that day. (Procrastinating again! sigh).

Since I spend often with the internet and blogging, I decided to tweet my Thank You Note to God instead. I cannot promise to tweet in 365 days because internet is not 24/7 available to me. In suchcase, writing it in a notebook will do.

Journey with me as I spend the 365 days of gratefulness… Follow me at Twitter….

P.S. You may ask why not lifetime gratefulness? It’s actually lifetime, but the first 365 is just an initial way of conditioning myself to thank God instead of complaining (which I always did)…. A sort of forming a habit….


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