A Pause….

Time flies so fast. Gosh, October almost ends and I almost forgot about projects that need to be submitted. Blame it to the internet! LOL… Aiming $500 dollars earning before 2010 ends is quiet hard to do. Earnings from PTCs and blogging cannot suffice it. I need to look for other online revenues. But first I have to finish all the projects.

1. At least I’m done with my project in MIS. I do not know if my propose design for LAN in our office is okay. But since all links, in green indicators, are working, and sending messages are successful, then I assume its okay. LOL…. Hmmm… I’m not expert…. I’m novice in this field, but maybe I’ll share how to configure the router, ‘coz honestly I had the hard time looking for tutorial in the internet, so I think it would be a great help to those aspiring network designer or to the IT students.

LAN Using Packet Tracer My propose LAN using Packet Tracer

2. Deadline of my project in MIS is supposed to be this Saturday. Thanks God our instructor moved it to November 6. I only finished 5% percent of the project. Haaay!!

3. Our propose information system project for database is almost done. Thanks to my teammate who do the technical thing. I honestly do not know how to program, the only thing that I can do in programming is running the “Hello world!!!” thing…. LOL…

Anyways, I’ll be pausing from my blogging thing for a moment because I need to finish it before the month ends. I’m just here to peek and post coz I also miss blogging…


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